Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jane LaFazio interviews Danny Gregory

Jane LaFazio here. I've been doing a series of "Interviews as Inspiration" on my blog. When emailed my friend, and mentor, Danny Gregory a short list of questions, I never dreamed he'd make this video as a response! 
I've very proud to be included in Danny's book "An Illustrated Life."


  1. Great interview Jane! I know one of the artist that will be in his new book coming out and she is thrilled!

  2. Danny is brilliant. I enjoyed watching this interview. I'm eager to get his new books, and would love to take a class with him. I bought a LAMY fountain pen after reading about it on his blog, and would like to see him do a video on different kinds of pens.

  3. Thank you Jane for an amazing interview with Danny. I loved the NYC backdrop for the interview. Whew! Danny is great!


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