Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quilted Shelters

Hi, it is Frances again.  I want to share some quilted images that I have made that mean shelter to me.
I was in Taos one summer and painted this adobe house that was across from us and tucked into the mountains.  I quilted it later.

These are buildings from my town, Grafton, Vermont, arranged out of order.  The covered bridge at thee far right sheltered people from storms and hot sun.  In my high school era, it was also a place to hide.  The white building next to it is my studio, a place I use to create and to shelter my creativity.  Next, the town hall, shelters the town government.  The church has offered everything from Sunday services to weddings, funerals, concerts and refuge.  The Grafton Inn has rooms that will nurture the soul.  The small red building is the blacksmith shop.  It shelters Adam and a lot of raw iron.  The last building is the site of Grafton Cares where free meals, aid to people in need and are managed.  I am proud of our town.

"Garden Visitor" gives shelter to the smaller creatures.

An all time favorite for most of us is nests.  Mamma bird is taking care of her offspring in her nest shelter.


  1. hey no one said your sketchbook had to be paper! As I tend to sketch on my art quilts, I find your 'sketches' wonderful and full of meaning and colour.


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