Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip!

Jamie Fingal checking in.  This week we took a road trip, and while we were driving up the 5 Freeway in Northern California, I was reminded of how cool airstream trailers are.  So, my shelter is truckin in your airstream trailer.  Shelter from the elements, traveling in style and lookin cool on the road.  Get your friends together!

Wouldn't a pink polka dot trailer be fun with a pop-up top?

or on with ocean waves?

Funky!  Later, I could mount the cut ones onto card stock and use them for gift tags for the traveler!

I got this idea to cut the tops off the shipping tags, so that the trailers would appear like there were in their element - like the perfect campground. 

Trailers lined up on a gate

more trailers.  I used shipping tags and painted them with watercolors and used a fine tip Sharpie pen for the outline.


  1. These little sketches are wonderfun (now that was an accidental spelling - but would be a great word - don't you think?) I love Airstream trailers, old pickup trucks - and living all my life (till now) in NYC area-well don't know where that came from. Anyway - I digress - love those tags. You have inspired me to sketch some trailers and trucks!


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