Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"seek shelter"

Hey, it's Deborah. You know those moments in your creative life when you are absolutely knocked over by inspiration or serendipity? When several seemingly random thoughts converge and make you feel connected to a greater collection of ideas?

I had one of those moments several years ago when I was working on a small art quilt for a collaborative group I belong to, 12x12 The International Art Quilt Challenge. We are twelve artists from all over the world, and we each make a 12x12 inch art quilt on a theme and reveal them on our blog. The theme in October of 2008 was "shelter."

I was working in my studio and listening to the podcast of Studio 360. The host was interviewing musician Theresa Andersson. They played her song "Birds Fly Away." It has a catchy rhythm and I was swaying to the music, then the lyrics found their way into my mind.

birds fly away
they seek shelter
trees stand strong
they don't falter

Shelter! I love these simple lyrics and the images they inspire.

Later I found this AWESOME video of Theresa performing her song... in her kitchen, with several instruments and a computer. 

I think of that song all the time and the moment when I was hit with inspiration from an unexpected place... just because I was open to hearing it.

Here is the art quilt I created for the 12x12 Shelter theme. It's called Cedar and Stone. You can read more about my inspiration and techniques for this quilt here.

After each theme is revealed on the 12x12 blog, we create a "mosaic" with all 12 quilts from the theme. In a way, these mosaics become works of art on their own. Here is the Shelter mosaic with works from my very talented friends.

Are there other songs, books, movies, poems or works of art about "shelter" that inspire you?


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  2. Thank you so much for that introduction to Theresa's music... absolutely awesome.


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