Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shelter From the Sun

Carol here again.

I regularly get together with a couple of local artists to do some urban sketching.
One Saturday morning two of us went to the Greenville SC "Saturday Morning Market".

It was a riot of color with all of the local organic vegetables, fruits and flowers.
One of the things that I was attracted to was the white pop-up tents - all lined up, gleaming in the sun.
It was a feast for my (borderline) OCD mind- the way that they all lined up, same height, same color...
same purpose.


Shielding the merchants from the elements - the sun this day (but no relief from the humidity).
Here's a quick sketch that I made that day.

If you enlarge the sketch, you can read my journaling.
I talk about finding a "sheltered spot" out of the sun.

Seems that we were all looking for a little shelter that day.

Here is another sketch that I did.
This lady was perched on the seating area around the fountain. She appeared to be looking for shelter from the crowd to read her book.

I have started adding more journaling on my sketchbook pages. I really like this as it makes my sketches more personal.
I created a thermofax screen that consist of simple lines to journal on. I am trying to remind myself to screen print it on a few pages in advance. That way I will have lines to write on.
Not that writing without lines isn't okay - I just think I would prefer to have something to keep my writing a little straighter.
It would also give me a "pre-determined" area to draw on (as I sometimes have trouble choosing where to begin drawing).

I hope that you all are trying to sketch a little everyday.
The most difficult part of making that a habit is the actual decision.
Once you decide to make that a priority in your life, the rest is simple!
Just pick up a pen (or pencil) & a piece of paper and draw something.
If you're feeling unsure about your ability or would like to keep your sketchbook private right now, find yourself a sheltered spot and get to it.

Make your mark.


  1. I love your shelter sketches Carol, I also love the look of umbrellas or brightly colored covers lined up!

  2. Carol - I love how your journal doesn't have the look of a pre-planned, organized page. It feels personal and spontaneous. As a very beginning artist, sometimes journaling is forbidding because I feel like it has to look finished at the end - yet what you have here is inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing them.


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