Monday, August 6, 2012


Carol Sloan here.

I think, like Sue said before, that most of us think of "home" as shelter.

I'd like to offer up a few of my sketches as definitions of "shelter" (after the fact,of course!).

A friend of mine is a professional photographer.
He says that his camera offers him shelter.
He can move behind the camera and hide himself from the crowd.

I was recently working in a "satellite studio", trying to avoid , um, I mean get some work done while away from home.
I wound up drawing almost everything in the room instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing.

It offered me shelter from the "real" work of the day.

I drew an image from a magazine (which had no photographer listed).

Can you imagine how many small animals this offered shelter to when it was still sitting on the ground?

Refuge (or protection) now has many definitions in my mind.

What about you?

Are you using your sketchbook to think about the word "shelter"?


  1. This is really interesting. It's really giving me 'shelter for thought' !

  2. I like that this was your thought for today. I've used my camera and film camera as shelter. I then turned the camera on myself and discovered who I was,
    Recently I evicted an abusive husband who had emotionally and verbally broken me into a million pieces for 15 years.
    For the past 3 months, my home is my shelter. My 3 dogs are my shelter. My art shelters me while I work through the pain.
    I am just starting to venture out a little at a time. To see beautiful things, go to museums, etc.
    It has helped me to have a lot of "oh wow" moments I wouldn't have had if I had jumped right out there and gone to bars and tried to date. Being in my 50s, that didn't really feel like a way to heal, anyway.
    So thanks for talking about shelter today. :)

  3. Love this post! Both of the shelter examples really made me think about the word. And I completely relate to your photographer friend using his camera as a shelter from the crowd. Thanks.

  4. Lynnne,
    Good for you! It takes a while to get to know yourself after a relationship like that (well, it took me a while anyway).
    I am so glad that you are allowing your home, your pets and your art heal you.
    And yes, love what my photographer friend said!


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