Monday, August 27, 2012

Simple House

Welcome to Deborah's house! I love a simple five-sided house shape. It shows up in my work again and again. Even though my family is in the midst of moving from one house to another (literally!), I was able to dig out a few supplies and play a bit with the house shape in my sketch book.

Just a spiral sketchbook, a glue stick, some scissors and a magazine. (My dad found this one in an airplane and thought I'd like it, so he tucked it in his suitcase to give me. Thanks, Dad.)

Simple simple simple house shapes. A few different sizes cut from interesting patterns on the magazine page.

Here's my very simple first design. Nothing special, but I still like it. Sometimes spare designs are perfect in their simplicity. (This certainly isn't perfect, but I'm just playing.)

Next I picked this page to cut up. I liked the variety of colors and textures in the photo. Isn't Rhianna gorgeous?

As you can see, I've stretched the house shape -- some tall, some short and wide. I tried to cut into various areas of the photo so I would have some contrast in color. That allows me to stack the shapes on top of each other, but they don't blend into each other.

Here's a close up where you can see Rhianna face in the upper left and hand in the bottom right.

Lastly I wanted to explore cutting negative house shapes out of other house shapes. I especially love this technique because you can use both the shape with the negative cut out AND the positive house shape.

Isn't it amazing that you get more of a sense of depth with this composition -- even though it's somewhat abstract?

I'll admit that I'm not as free and flexible as I could be. Did you notice that all my houses are sitting flat and straight? Mixing up the alignment of the shapes would make these collages look totally different. Honestly, I didn't even consider that until writing this post and looking through the images. I'll try that next time...


  1. very cool!, and here I've been using the images straight on in my art journals!. will have to try this.4

  2. Great idea. Love it. I always like it when there is nothing wasted.

  3. I love this idea! I'm trying to experiment, I'm so locked into what I "think" a sketch book should be and I need to expand that.

  4. haha! great idea ;)
    so nice ;)


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