Monday, October 22, 2012

Dia de los Muertos.

                                                          Frances Holliday Alford

Skulls come one to a customer.  In Mexico, All Saints Day is celebrated with friends and family and is a national holiday.  It is a memory of their departed relatives and friends.  It is celebrated with food and festivity and all kinds of imagery.   As we approach November 1, it is fitting that we explore some of these images. Sugar skulls are used to decorate the graves along with marigolds. 

I have not been to Mexico during Dias de los Muertos, but as a Texan, I certainly have seen a lot in San Antonio and other areas.  I drew several basic skull shapes and then using Zen Tangle techniques, added drawings inside and around the skull.

Skull shaped rattles are made of Paper Mache in Mexico.  Brightly colored, they make fun collections.  I drew a group of nine of them. It might be a yearbook page for Muertos High School.

Daily Collage

From my daily collage series,  roses and marigolds, both strong symbols for
the day of the dead.  Marigolds are considered to be the iconic death image.  

                                  Feliz día de los muertos.

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