Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Clean Up and Colors- Desiree

Hi everyone, Desiree here. Its that wonderful time of year when the air starts to turn cold and blustery and the sun sets low providing us with an blanket of warm hues that cover everything. Living in Southern California where I do, the summers are hot and at the end of August we are already looking for some relief from the heat. We also have the added benefit of being able to enjoy our yards all year as we never get snow, but it can get very cold. The yard has been so busy growing and now is the time we start the fall clean up and pruning. Cutting back the last of my zinnias and other flowers, taking out my summer garden and putting in my winter one, picking any last apples on the trees.

Cutting back the big Sycamore Trees before they dump their load of leaves onto my neighbors yards. I was inspired as I drove down our street and saw the leaves starting to dance in the streets from the wind.

I love this time of clean up as I trim I am collecting seed heads for next year. It also provides me with some great subjects for my sketchbook. Its a time to really take a good look at things and journal about it. Seed pods are one of my favorite things to paint, rose hips, the last of the flowers. I have a special Garden Sketchbook where I journal about my garden and yard, nothing else goes into that book but those types of sketches, notes and ideas.

Lastly, it is the time when I am working on my Christmas Cards that I paint every year, I audition many subjects until I decide on which one will be my card. I did this little bird thinking I might go simple but I still haven't decided. I am running late again and need to order them this next week!

 Do you paint your own cards? It is a wonderful way to share your artwork and a piece of yourself with friends and families during the holidays. There are many online companies that make it so easy to create your own cards for the Holidays. I often add text to the cover and family photos inside with a personal message to my friends and family. A gift to them from me! Happy Fall!


  1. Nothing could be more inviting this cold and tundra of a 18 degree morning- then to see such lovely autumn!

  2. Your work is beautiful!! All these colours and natural shapes cheer me up & I really needed that! Thank you :)

  3. Love your sketches - I would certainly like to get a Christmas card with that little bird on it!!

  4. beautiful work, i LOVE the apple!

  5. Cool! Do you have English robins there then? Sounds like your weather might be similar. They stay through the winter and are the cheer to get through the gloomy months.
    Sandy in the UK

  6. You are so talented. I wish I was capable of sketching every day things in life and make them look so beautiful. Can you add me to your Christmas card list??? :) Thank you for sharing your a little bit of yourself with us. Have a happy holiday season.
    God Bless,
    Kimmie <3

  7. Thank you all so much for your comments, I would love to add you all to my Christmas list! I don't have English robins here, that is a painting I did from a photo, I wish we had them! Thanks for the name of the bird. I was looking for birds with red for my cards.

  8. Again your sketches of ordinary things leave me agog. Thanks for the inspiration.


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