Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Gifts- Desiree

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Desiree here!!!  I love the holidays, a time to give thanks for our many blessing as well as gifts. My mother always made sure that Christmas was a special time of the year for us. I think it was because she was so poor growing up and had so little that she felt it was up to her to make sure each Christmas was memorable and filled with presents. She spared nothing and created a wonderland of decorations and gifts for us.  I have tried to continue many of these wonderful memories in my own home, with my own children. We have created our own traditions as well as hanging on to some of my favorites from childhood. We have added the gift of Christ to our household traditions which was different than just Santa Clause and like to be a part of giving gifts to those less fortunate but whatever your traditions are I hope this time of year is filled with love and the spirit of giving.

Since its December and the month that is all about gifts, gifts from friends and family, gifts of food, gifts from God, gifts to each other. I wanted to share some gifts I received over the years and give you some ideas for your sketchbooks. One year, I decided to sketch all the gifts I received and blog about them, I enjoyed this and these many years later I can look in that sketchbook or on my blog and it reminds me of when I received the gift and who gave it too me! Something I often forget after the year goes by. I used some graphite pencils that I had received to do some of my sketches that year which is also a great opportunity to work with value. Here are some of my gifts, maybe you can sketch some of your gifts this year and share them with us!

These aren't fancy sketches and my journaling is a bit messy but its my sketchbook, filled with wonderful gifts from friends and family and I feel so special and loved when I look back and remember! Merry Christmas to all of you and your family!


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  2. What a nice idea to preserve your memories of special gifts!

  3. I would so much like to have the perfume in the blue bottle below - but i cannot find it anywhere, so funny to see your drawing :)


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