Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gifts With HeArt

Carol Sloan here. It's great when your creative friends give you gifts of Art.
It shows how much they care about you, how special you are to them - they put their heart and soul into creating something just for you.
I have a couple of buddies that started out as "urban sketching" friends...but we are so much more than that now.
True friends that care about each other.
I miss them when travel interferes with our lunch gatherings , um, I mean our sketching get-togethers.
We met one day this week at the local library for a Christmas marionette show put on by the Columbia Marionette Theatre ( in South Carolina).
It was full of laughter and surprise as well as a few squeals of delight (from the children attending not us).
I haven't finished my sketch pages yet but I'd love to share my handmade (painted) cards from my friends Sarah and Denise (thank you girls!).

You may have seen one of these on the Flickr site (and the blog now that I think of it).
Denise Henderson is a very talented artist, urban sketcher and a wonderful friend too.
She painted all her Christmas cards this year and let us pick one!

This is the one that I chose. I love the shading on it.
And the Charlie Brown expression on his face.

Denise also painted a box for us.
I may use it as my Christmas tree this year if I decide not to put a tree is very festive.
You could paint a box like this and give it to your friend.
She would cherish it as much I cherish the one from Denise.

Sarah Campbell (interviewed here on the blog) painted several postcards for Denise and I.
I just love the humor that she injected into each card!
You may not be able to see it on the scan but there are several areas of shimmery goodness on the cards.
It is one of the shimmer type pens (forgot the name of them) (sorry!)...but it is just beautiful.

I love to get handmade gifts from people!
I'd bet that a lot of the people on your gift list would love something handmade from you as well.

I hope that you are all enjoying the season - not succumbing to the relentless pressure to buy, buy, buy.
I say create, create, create!


  1. I love to hand paint cards for special occasions! It makes the card so much more personal. I also have photo cards that let me insert some of my favorite photos into the front of the card.

    I also enjoy receiving gifts of art. It means that someone took the time to share some part of their creativity with me.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome artists' work!

    1. It really made me feel so loved to get the handmade cards from my friends, and I am sure that the people that you give your cards to feel the same way!

  2. Three French hens (in can-can/burlesque dress)! Love it!

    1. Yes, my friend Sarah is quite humorous!

  3. I loved the snowman card! My friend and I are thinking about doing hand-made baby announcements.

    1. Dani that would be a great project! ANd just imagine how great the invitations would look in the baby book!

  4. these projects...each so unique and full of wonderful details!

    1. Yes, they are fantastic, aren't they? We should all take the time to do this for our loved ones.

  5. Replies
    1. Desiree - I was just tickled to get them. Lucky me with such creative (and giving) friends!

  6. The risque dress of the Three French Hens is great! I like the idea of taking something plain, such as a box, and painting it as a gift. What a great idea!

    1. Elise - yes, I love the French Hens! I asked if it was really the three of sly friend would not say ;-)


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