Thursday, January 10, 2013

Farmers Market artist date

Sketchbook page in progress ~ by Jane LaFazio

IMG_0120  IMG_0122 
Jane LaFazio here. For me, an artist date often means a destination for inspiration. I am always inspired by a farmer's market. I love going to our local market, wandering the stalls, photographing beautiful fruits and veggies, drinking  coffee, chatting with the vendors and buying some thing yummy.
IMG_0123  IMG_0126IMG_0127  IMG_0128IMG_0129  IMG_0130
This trip, to the market, I selected some tulips, all still in their buds. I was going to draw them each day, illustrating the opening of the bud, day by day. the time I got to them, they were all open. 

detail of sketchbook page by Jane LaFazio
detail of sketchbook page by Jane LaFazio
I did the page in pen, ink, watercolor, water soluble pencil and some pencil sketches.
sketchbook page by Jane LaFazio


  1. You are so talented! All lovely photos too, that make me think of spring!

  2. Beautiful photos to draw from Jane! A farmer's market is a great idea for an inspirational outing. :-)

  3. Definitely one of my favorite locations, Kristin! thanks.

  4. Your WC sketches have inspired me to take WC classes on my winter vacation in Key West. Thanks.


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