Thursday, January 3, 2013

where I had my first date

Sue B here with a photo of one of the places I will be having my artists dates this month...

This desk was gifted to me from a friend.  It belonged to his father who was a watchmaker for 50 years and this was his cabinet that he sat and worked at.  I love sitting at this desk and I use it as my drawing desk.  All the little drawers have been filled with my pencils, markers, pens and other drawing and painting supplies.  I made a date with myself to sit at this desk on Wednesday mornings (Wednesday just seemed a like a good day to pick) to draw or paint in one of my sketchbooks.  This past Wednesday I worked with some colored pencils in my storyboard moleskin sketchbook:

I still have some empty boxes to fill in on the top page and the bottom two are the center spreads from two of the other pages in the book.

My other artists dates will be spent working with these supplies:

I signed up with a friend to take an Acrylic Painting class that meets weekly for the next couple of months and I'm really looking forward to it.

Have you scheduled your artists dates yet?


  1. What an awesome desk and a great place to get creative! I love it. I am in temporary quarters so I am currently working on my sofa.

  2. i love that desk with all those drawers for supplies! i am on vacation right now, creating in front of a gorgeous view, but have to head home tomorrow. *sigh*

  3. Wonderful desk and a great idea to set a date once a week.

  4. That's a great desk ... wish I had one !
    And an awesome idea ... to make a date with your art supplies. Sounds like the kind of discipline that I need. Is it too late to make a New Year's Resolution ? :)

  5. That is a fantastic desk!! I was in a shop last week with lots of Moleskine notebooks, but sadly, they did not have the storyboard one. I'm still keeping an eye out for one of those. ;-)

  6. Great desk for artists.
    Where can we find the "tag" information for January?

    1. There are currently no scheduled giveaways for the sketchbook challenge at this time so you will not need any special tag for your photo uploads to the group this month.


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