Friday, March 1, 2013

March Theme: "Natural Surfaces"!!

Leslie here.  Welcome to March (how did this happen so fast?!  Since I live in South Texas, where "winter" is but a few days long, March weather is fairly warm.  I live in a place where, if the rains are timed well in the fall, the landscape comes alive with a riot of colorful wildflowers which begin in earnest in March.  I have the beginnings of a crop of bluebonnets, tickseed, and more.

The warmer weather motivates me to get outside and spend more time in my garden.  Besides being a gardener, I could also be called a "rock rustler".   I love rocks.  I have an abnormal obsession with them.  Fellow travelers could report on the boxes of rocks I have been known to pick up and ship home to myself.  I have driven my Jeep out into dry creek beds in the country and gathered tons of tumbled limestone.  I adore it.

Rocks are so very sculptural:  the contours, cast-shadows, bore-holes, and textures are a visual feast.  I love to photgraph piles of them, draw their shapes, quilt them, and paint them.  The shapes of rocks themselves, and also the topography they can often be found in, are a constant source of inspiration for me as an artist.  I am interested in how a pile of rocks settles together, how their shapes conform to one another.

I adore the sight of an old rock wall, or the sides of a moss-covered boulder.  Pieces of stacked, cross-cut wood...the shapes and patterns are visually stunning.

What sort of natural surfaces do you enjoy looking at?  I hope you will create some drawings of natural surfaces and post to the Flickr group.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

The striations and shapes of limestone are so beautiful
stone pathways
large stones in my garden...
old limestone fences seen in the Flint Hills of Kansas

Boulders inspire soft, textile-created rocks

These are made from velvet and silk, machine-stitched

 this is a walkway created from cross-cut wood 

which inspired this drawing on fabric, 
done with a ruling pen and acrylic paint

and that same image inspired a more abstracted interpretation in this textile construction

This piece of cross-cut mesquite wood...
inspired this drawing, also created on cloth with acrylic paint and a ruling pen
Paint peeling from a wood post

Look at this beautiful area of parched, cracked soil.
I am captivated by the system of surface tension and cracking.

Windswept sand dunes in Big Sur
It is very difficult to realize this is windswept sand!! 
So gorgeous...

Open yourself to the possibilities of looking at the natural surfaces around you.
Let's get busy!


  1. This is such a terrific inspirational theme!
    Thanks so much - it is stirring my creative juices.

    1. I'm so glad! I can't wait to know what you create using this theme!

  2. I love this theme Leslie! I, too, adore rocks and natural surfaces. And frequently can be found dragging them home (well, my husband will say that he drags them home!). Thank you for introducing us to such a juicy theme!

  3. Great challenge. Here is my entry for the month:

  4. This is a great challenge. My studio is filled with rocks. lol Here's some natural surfaces that I collected via photos on a beach walk: Scroll to "Natural Surfaces."

  5. This is as close as I could get to a natural surface.

  6. love this challenge, I too have a few photos kicking about of fab natural surfaces that I kept for inspiration. Here is my entry for March
    Love all these photos of surfaces.


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