Saturday, March 30, 2013

Natural surfaces...plain paper!

Hi gang!  Kari McKnight Holbrook here- just squeaking in under the wire for this month.  I've been working on these all month and dislocated my collarbone and was unable to lift my camera, thus the tardiness and the unusual camera angles!

 I was wracking my brain for natural surfaces to sketch or paint.  I have so many wonderful choices in my backyard alone, and was spinning from the possibilities.  Yet I was REALLY in the mood for watercolors.  And REALLY in the mood for birds!  Don't know why, but I just went with it.  I've learned the art heart wants what the art heart wants!  When I try to do something I'm not that thrilled with, it looks it.

But, I was thrilled with birds,  SO I tried to find a natural surface to tie in to this months theme.  Then it dawned on me~  I haven't used plain watercolor paper in at least 2 years!  I usually always coat it with gesso, or paint, or texture medium or sprays or gel mediums!  And I almost never use plain watercolors without some sort of layering or stamping or medium.  It hit me!  I'm using watercolor in it's NATURAL state...well, okay, maybe it's a stretch.  But the birds were fun!  I sketched them out with a Pitt artist pen first, let dry 2 days, and then went in with watercolor.  When all was dry, I went back in with my beloved Signo Uniball white gel pen.                                                             

What fun it was getting back to natural!

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