Monday, March 18, 2013

Natural Surfaces: Frosting, Sugar, Plastic, and wire.

This is Frances Holliday Alford, reporting from Texas.

My nephew Sam will marry Katie Marie on Tuesday.  It will be a very small wedding, but I am already  in Texas in anticipation of the event.  This morning we had breakfast with a few of the immediate family members.  My brother, Trevor, Sam, and nephew Peter looked at me and without a word we all knew it was time for me to make another cake.  This one is a groom's cake.

When these now adult men were boys, I was known for over decorating cakes.  With their help, we created towering masterpieces which occasionally crumbled under their own weight.    So far, this one is holding up and with great luck will be delivered to the Salt Lick Barbeque in time for the rehearsal dinner.

After a trip to Michael's and the grocery store, we went back to Peter's house where Trevor and Carolyn and Peter and I started figuring out how to create this masterpiece.  Peter cut the sheet cakes into different shapes and we made liberal use of bamboo skewers to hold it all together.  We had no shortage of colored frostings, jimmies, tinted sugar and other embellishments.   We feel Gaudi would be so proud of our efforts.  

Trevor and Carolyn eventually left Peter and me to complete this task.  Peter's wife, Jessica appeared and helped us.  She attached Peeps to the sides and added some of the floral parts.  Fritz only watched.

We used all kinds of things to make this piece.  Pez dispensers, lavender flowers, yellow peeps and a special lattice work panel.  Red licorice sticks added length as did the plastic Ionic Greek Columns.  

We deliberated on stabbing in the half torso naked Barbie dolls to the piece but I found they were good at supporting the Greek Columns.  We frosted them and added pink sugar crystals in hopes that they would look like they were dressed.

The art of over embellishment is not for faint of heart.  The process is frightening to watch.  Peter and I soldiered on, knowing that we would continue to work on it until we were satisfied with the effort.  

If you are wondering what this has to do with our theme of Natural Surfaces, not much, I am afraid.

We are going to put the camouflage  excelsior around the edges of the cake when it is installed tomorrow.  Sam is an Army lieutenant and Katie will be one soon.


  1. That is one super crazy cake! You are right about it taking guts to go all in like that. I'm inspired! Thank you for sharing this zany creation even if it has little to do with the theme. :-)

  2. Oh my, lions and tigers and.... I adore this, it's a delicious looking fun cake through the eyes of Dr. Seuss and Disney too!

  3. It would be great fun to put together something like that. I think it looks great! Like your use of licorice sticks... {:-Deb

  4. Unbelievable and a total hoot! I've never seen such a thing and am thoroughly impressed with how much junk you piled on there.
    My cousin made a lamb cake for Easter one year and none of us could stand to cut it. Behead it? Whack off its back end? We went out for ice cream.


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