Sunday, April 7, 2013

Swirly Whirly

Jamie Fingal checking in - I love spirals, and use them quite a bit in my work, with both watercolors and art quilts.  I drew this with a Pitt pen, size small (my most favorite pen). I painted a wash on the top to create my sky.

Then added another layer of paint inside the swirls

Adding layers of different shades of blue to crate the swirly sky

and the houses and landscape

This was my view when I was painting! 

Finished watercolor.  I love swirls because they add so much movement to artwork!
an art quilt with silk swirls that were cut by hand, and beaded

art quilt of batiks and the swirls made out of silk; free motion machine quilted
The next few paintings are from The Sketchbook Challenge book "Dwelllings."  The spirals make a nice background to the house.

Purple House

Tree House

Bird House


  1. Wowser! Thanks for the inspiration! I see swirls around me but wasn't quite sure how to incorporate I do!

  2. Great inspirational post. Your spirals really speak through your voice as an artist.

  3. Oh My Gosh! I love every one of these paintings. I can't wait to try so similar paintings. So inspiring!!

  4. Spirals + whimsy + your signature vibrant colors = One Happy Viewer.

  5. Awesome post, I love everything!!! Your garden looks amazing

  6. Love your use of spirals your artwork is beautiful and has a lovely gentle sense of humour.

  7. Your art is very sunny, peaceful and fun. Gorgeous and lovely work.


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