Sunday, April 21, 2013

The spiral—it's a beautiful thing!

Terry Grant here.  Aren't spirals beautiful and fascinating? Hypnotizing, even. Remember those old movies that would show someone going into a trance by showing a spinning spiral? If you look at this one for awhile it will appear to spin.

They are all around us, in nature and in art and in decor of all kinds. Yesterday I took my camera and wandered around the house and garden looking for spirals. It did not take long to find them. I love the little spirals that emerging ferns form, both on the heads of the fronds and along the stems. Even the structure of a pinecone is a spiral. Look at the arrangement of the petals. My collection of shells yielded many spirals.

click to view at larger size

Decorative and utilitarian objects made from metal are often formed into spirals. Several years ago I took a metalsmithing class and made myself a little silver ring. I love the little spiral design I cut into it. Like a wave.

 click to view at larger size

I am intrigued by the spirals created using the Golden Mean. These are called "Golden Spirals" and supposedly most of the spirals found in nature follow this formula.

 Take a look around. You will find you are surrounded by beautiful spirals.


  1. Thank you for your sharing on Spirals! I love them! They've always been my easy doodle when sitting and letting the pen wander on the page.

  2. great post Terry. It didn't even occur to me to look at nature for spiral inspiration.

  3. The fern is a perfect example of the golden mean, or golden ratio. Thank you for sharing!


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