Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Bowls, little bowls, fun bowls, crazy bowls

Hi everyone, its Desiree, I have been lost in a sea of fabric, but I am back!!! Getting ready for Spring market has been full time. I love this months theme of bowls don't you!?  I love to collect bowls and vessels of all sorts and I have quite an interesting collection of them. I have not only have bowls in the kitchen but lots of bowls that hold many different things throughout my house. Metal bowls with pinecones at Christmas, glass bowls with potpourri in the bathroom, hand made ceramic bowls for candy in the den. I also love to draw and paint bowls in many different ways, whimsical, realistic, it doesn't matter since they are perfect for all styles.

This year for Christmas I was working on some Santa scenes, with him in the kitchen! I loved creating all different colored and patterned bowls spilling over with batter and icings as I imagine Santa baking cookies!

But then on a fabric note, I did a series of vintage women for the Art box project! Don't you agree that bowls make the perfect fashion attire. They were painted on fabric, quilted and then wrapped onto a canvas! This is my baking girl, it says "Baking Feeds my Soul"

But as I was standing in the kitchen tonight, I noticed a large, metal bowl on my counter where I keep  my fruits and vegetables. It is a giant leaf actually, made out of metal and looks rusty and I love it. I thought I would do a quick sketchbook painting as I was pondering which bowls to share with you.  

I first did a quick sketch and laid down some color, then more color, darkening the negative space to define shapes and then a little ink pen. Sometimes I do outline, sometimes I don't. 

Bowls, no matter how they are used, seem to hold lots of good things! What are your bowls filled with??


  1. I especially like your watercolor sketch of your fruit and veg bowl.

  2. Same here, I love bowls of different colors, shapes and sizes. I’m very fond of them especially larger crystal bowls with beautiful designs. I find them elegant and attractive with different fruits in it. Thanks for sharing your interest! The paintings are likewise lovely coz’ it seemed real. Have a good day!
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