Monday, May 6, 2013


Jamie Fingal checking in with Bowl-a-Rama; take one stencil 6x6 designed by me for Stencil Girl Products  "Cup of Joe" which is a bowl with a saucer, think lattes!  Bowls are the vessels of delicious things, like ice cream, yogurt, strawberries with whipped cream, cherries, and fruit cobbler.  I am getting hungry typing this!  The bowls below were made by using the stencil above with acrylic paint on fabric.  The fabrics were fused with Mistyfuse and ironed onto a wool blended felt foundation, backed with the same in another color, and free motion machine quilted.
and then there is a stack of bowls, which is probably one of most favorite things to draw, photograph, and now stencil
Flowers for someone that you love
Coffee...the nectar of the Gods
Get on your inner warrior with the famous "bowl" helmet....every girl should have one!


  1. Fabulous Bowl art. The warrior helmet is sooo much cooler than the infamous bowl hair-cut :o

  2. JAMIE!!! I love your images and you stencil. I gotta get me one of those. Thanks for sharing your bowl passion with us.

  3. you are very welcome. nothing like a little comic relief with the bowl helmet!

  4. Love these! The bowl helmet will go so nicely with the apron ;-).


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