Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bowls and Bowls

Leslie know, the "other" Leslie!  I have a similar affinity for bowls as Lesley R:  I collect them and use them for a wide variety of things besides food.
I decided to draw and paint two sets of bowls during a conference-call.  I find that when I am drawing or sketching during meetings I am better-able to hear what is being said.  Anyone else like that?

One collection of bowls I own are small and perfect for tidbits at dinner.  I love the way they look individually and stacked.  I grabbed another small bowl that I purchased in Toyko years ago which I have filled with rocks that I collected on Cambria beach last summer.  I think there are a couple of small moonstones in the collection.  I decided to paint two watercolors:  the first is a bowl with one strawberry and one raspberry (left over from lunch!) next to the small bowl of rocks, the other painting is an odd perspective on a stack of the small bowls.
So, here I am, cup of tea at the ready, with my set of watercolor postcards and paints,
and my bowls (one of which is partially cut off in this great photo!).

By the way, I popped the watercolors that came in this travel set out and replaced them with
M. Graham gouache.  This beautiful paint makes my heart beat faster!

Here is my first painting...
Next, I decided to quickly sketch, then paint, this small stack of oddly-shaped bowls.
Note that the perspective is a bit different.

I managed to mess it up a bit compared to the actual size of the bottom bowl,
but I won't tell if you don't!
I think I will work back into the bottom bowl and deepen the shadows inside.
In looking at the comparison to the photograph I realize I didn't get it quite right.

I'll be pulling out more of my bowls this month.  I hope you will join me and add your work to the Flickr site.  I'll be looking forward to it!

Happy May, everyone!


  1. Love your bowls, quick sketches and watercolors. Honestly, I think the second painting is just fine as it is - artistic license. It's your job to make us see what you feel, not what you see - so job well done, Leslie!

    1. Thanks! Yes, i'm satisfied with the stack as-is. I do think the shading could be stronger on the bottom bowl....

  2. Love your sketches and yes, I hear better if I'm sketching. I do it during the sermons Sunday morning, folks around me are use to it now but I got some looks the first time I pulled it out.... especially from the retired elementary school teacher sitting beside me.

    1. Yes, I understand. I have had to explain myself several times during board meetings...

  3. I'm loving this bowl thing! I don't have many interesting bowls so I Googled to find some photos to use as models. I love your paintings and wish I could loosen up a bit and not worry about trying to make an exact replica of what I see. I love the "wonkiness" of these. So pretty!


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