Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chinese Tea Bowls

Terry Grant, here. When I was a child, growing up in Pocatello, Idaho, there was a very old Chinese restaurant in the old part of town called "The Shanghai." Pocatello is a railroad town and in the 1860's Chinese laborors built the rails for the Union Pacific Railroad through Pocatello. There is an interesting history of the Chinese in Pocatello, including a small "China Town" and underground opium dens, and The Shanghai may have gone back that far—I just remember the elderly Chinese man that was the owner when I was a child. It was a special place to go and the only place I was allowed to drink tea. I loved the beautiful little tea bowls it was served in.  Years later I remembered those lovely little bowls and bought some as I would see them in antique stores here and there. That's my small collection above. They are such an icon of my childhood.  I have used the image of those little bowls in my fabric art over the years.

I have found a number of commercial print fabrics that are reminiscent of the designs on those old tea bowls. Here is one in progress.

Just a bit of shading and reflection with some pastel pencils transforms the fabric into a fascsimile of porcelain.


  1. So beautiful, Terry. I particularly like how you transformed the fabric into something that looks shimmery and expensive.


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