Monday, May 20, 2013

Drawing 'Bowl-Shaped' Flowers

Hi Everyone, Dion Dior here.

I get most of my sketchbook inspiration from nature.  My journals and sketchbooks are filled with images and interpretations of nature, so in keeping with the May theme "Bowls", and the Northern Hemisphere season of Spring, I thought I'd share a little tutorial on how to draw bowl-shaped flowers.

Many different types of flowers or floral arrangements in your sketchbook can but captured using these simple principles

Begin with a dot on the page. 
This is the point where the stem of the flower will connect to the flower head.

Draw a straight line coming from the dot in the direction that you want the flower to face, and a straight line in the direction of the stem. 
Draw a small oval just above this dot, this is the base of the flower head, and a larger oval above the small one, this is the opening of the flower.  
Next draw straight lines indicating the edges of the flower.  
These lines should connect from the dot to the very edges of the larger oval.

Draw a petal originating from the dot on the lower edge of the small oval, and finishing at the lower edge of the large oval.  
This is your front facing petal.

Draw the outside petals, making sure they are narrower than the first one. 
This is because you are viewing these petals from the side and they will appear thinner.  
You can tuck them behind the front petal if you choose. 
Make sure all your front petals end at the lower edge of the large oval.

Draw your back petals.  
These petals will start on the top edge of the small oval, but you don't need to show this, the bottom part of these back petals are hidden behind the front row.  
All of your back petals will end on the top edge of the large oval.
Keep the shape of your flower as close as possible within the guidelines you have drawn.

Draw in the stem and the center of the flowers.  
Keep the center tucked behind the front petals.

Draw in some foliage or leaves.

Erase your guidelines.

I used a water soluble marker to show you how to shade your flower.
Think about what parts of the flower are in shadow, where the petals sit behind each other, and how the foliage rolls.

Drawing bowl-shaped flowers is quite simple, and the concept of a center point and two ovals can be applied to many types of flowers.  

Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial - it's so simple!

  2. Lovely flowers and great tutorial! Thank you so much!

  3. Nice tutorial... I'd love to see more of these basic drawing tutorials! And beautiful flowers and color.

  4. this is pretty wonderful. thanks for demystifying.
    Sandy in the UK

  5. Wonderful process, thanks so much for sharing :0) Mo

  6. Thanks for the little tutorial. That was great!

  7. Wow, you make it look easy and doable! Thanks for the technical steps so that even those less confident sketchers can do it!


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