Saturday, May 18, 2013

it is a basket or a bowl?

Sue B here...

What is the difference between a basket and a bowl?  Is it just the addition of the handle that makes it a basket? 

This wood bowl (or is it a basket?)  sits on my kitchen counter and holds whatever fruit I pick up at the market.  I love the colors and textures of the surface of this bowl and I used it as a model for a charcoal still life:


  1. I like your wooden basket/bowl and your sketch! I think the term basket has several different meanings as we do call a few things 'baskets' even though they do not have handles such as waste paper baskets or woven 'bowels' made from reed. But I do like your definition of a bowl with a handle. I certainly use that one when I'm making a clay basket.

    1. Thanks Gina - the word "basket" certainly does have a lot of definitions!

  2. Whatever it is, your rendition is fantastic to me! :0) Mo

  3. This is what I can be a basket but it can't be a bowl unless it can hold liquid!:) Looks it yours could hold liquid...but just a little!;)


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