Monday, June 24, 2013

Desiree does Doodle and scribbles too!

Hi everyone, Desiree here! I know that most of you know me as a fine artist, painting more on the realistic side but I do have a very active, fun and whimsical side. I love the opportunity to just sketch and doodle in the garden, looking for more abstract shapes and images. It is so relaxing to just take my sketchbook outside and enjoy letting the process happen, exploring different shapes, lines, combinations. It is so different that painting a full watercolor painting, it is allowing yourself to explore the possibilities which may later become a painting. I have several sketchbooks for my gardens, taking notes about plants, plantings, growth patterns etc. a place to record information along with my thoughts when I am in the garden. It is a special time when I feel at peace with everything, in harmony with nature, at home in my special piece of dirt here on earth. Growing the things I love, watching them bloom, enjoying the fruits of my labor.  No matter how many times I draw the garden I discover something new! Sometimes I take one element and explore all the different and unique shapes that makes it what it is.
I allow myself to just draw, not worrying about being perfect, organized and careful. Instead letting the paper beg me to fill it with all the different things that come to my mind. Often these shapes and designs will make it somewhere else, like fabric, stamps etc.

I always scan my designs as line drawings before I paint them. I have several folders full of them on my computer. This allows me to print them up again and make changes without the paint and color. It makes things so much easier. I can select one element I like and using a program like photoshop or Photo Elements I can erase elements around it, copy, paste and make a whole grouping of them. It keeps my options open and saves me time. 
Once I have scanned something I feel free to just play with whatever tickles my fancy, paint, colored pencils, ink, markers. By playing we set ourselves free to discover something new and exciting. Here I am using water color pencils and some water to blend and create shadows.
Watercolor pencils are easily transported outside and all you need is a Ninji waterbrush to activate the color! I love to layer them and get lots of color and variations on my paper.
This was a worksheet I did for one of my classes, I used many different pencils, paints, pens etc to create this fun page.
Here is another border I did for another worksheet. Making my flowers lips that only say lovely things. It was fun doodling my imaginary, whimsical garden.

This is a page from my journal incorporating my whimsical garden and text from JoAnne Sharpe's awesome online class! If you can take one of her classes, you will not regret it! Playing with garden doodles and text is right up my alley.

Often my garden doodles and sketches become the inspiration for new quilts like my newest baby quilt called "Ladybugs and Kisses". 

There are so many wonderful doodles in the garden just waiting to be discovered .

So whatever or however you choose to capture your garden I hope you just enjoy the process and let the magic happen.


  1. These are wonderful. So much inspiration. Thank you.

  2. WOW - that Ladybugs & Kisses quilt pattern is just THE best!! If it's not available commercially it sure should be!! :0)) Mo

    1. Thank you so much Mo, the pattern is available on my website, for purchase along with many others

  3. I could stare at these for hours!!! Love the lip garden border :)

    1. Thanks Dara, they can be such fun to draw and play

  4. I love your worksheets! Great Idea!


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