Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Floral Doodle Do

I have always loved to doodle. For me, the most frequent way is using a small square of Fome-Cor and a Sakura IDentipen. There is something about the glossy surface of the foam, when paired with this permanent pen that wows me. I love the fact the pen has a skinny tip and a fatter tip. I have a bunch of Fome-Cor doodle boards scattered around my studio and in my backpack. They are great for travel. Just grab one board and one pen and you are good to go.
This one is unfinished, I am still working on the background. Looks  a bit obsessive, doesn't it. All I've got to say is that one person's obsession may be another person's comfort, you know what I mean.
I particularly like to work on these doodles when I am in a group of people, everyone talking at the same time. That often means a family event. Oddly, I am the most quiet member of my family and anyone who knows me would never use the word quiet as a descriptor.
So yeah, my doodles comfort me; they give me a wee escape hatch.
When Joanne picked Garden Doodles I was delighted. I mean this is kind of what I do anyway, although mine aren't really based on 'real' flowers, they are imaginary.
I decided to try something new though.......COLOR!
Whoah! Kind of fun, huh?
I think there might be more of this in my future.
The color markers were a very inexpensive set  called ArtMarker. They also have two tips. I got them at Michael's and they were quite inexpensive, but loaded with juicy color.


  1. Beautiful and inspirational, Mary Beth! Love the idea of drawing on foam core! Great idea.

  2. Woow, wonderful doodles!

    Klaudia from Germany

  3. Great doodles! Can you tell us a little more about the boards you use? I have only seen large boards, so I am wondering if you cut them, what size you like, etc. I am still doodling on paper, lol!

    1. Hi Sunrise, I use FoamCor, the 3/8 inch. With a new blade on my craft knife, I cut the foam into 6"x6" squares. I find it is helpful if you kind of 'puncture' the board with your knife before you slice, that way the foam doesn't collapse. And that's it :)
      The little boards are easy to carry around and they are a rigid surface which is nice. Plus the slick glossy feel makes a fab substrate!! Must use a permanent pen though. Enjoy!!

    2. Thanks so much! I have lots of Sharpies, so I will probably start there, though the pen you mentioned looks awesome. I appreciate all of the info! :)

  4. Great idea to doodle on foam core--such a nice white background. Thanks for the tip about the ArtMarkers. Like your doodles!!

  5. Gorgeous floral doodles, Mary Beth!
    Wish they weren't imaginary and grew in my garden. :)


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