Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Chinese Garden

Terry Grant here. My friend, Diane Perin Hock, who lives in Northern California, was visiting here in Portland this week and we decided to take our sketchbooks to the Portland Chinese Garden. It is an incredibly peaceful, serene and beautiful place and after strolling through, we found a place to sit and quietly sketch.
Here is Diane, sketching.

One of the hazards of setting up near water is that Diane dropped, not one, but two paintbrushes into the pond!

In a place like this there is so much to look at it is hard to decide where to begin. Sometimes a little corner or detail is a good place to start, rather than trying to take in the entire scene.

I thought the graphic qualities of this branch hanging over my head begged to have its contours explored.

It takes a lot of concentration to sort out the complexity of a design like this window in the garden wall.

As Diane said, sometimes drawing is a kind of meditation. Especially in a fragrant, peaceful Chinese Garden.


  1. OH how wonderful that you got to spend such wonderful time with Diane! I'm visiting California in July and hope to see her along with Pat Dicker, down in Marin! Your sketches are wonderful...can't wait to see them eventually percolate into your art!

  2. Looks like a real inspirational place to be!

  3. Love the garden window drawing !!!!!

  4. Love the patterns you found in the garden and wholeheartedly agree with the meditative nature of drawing like this. You've inspired me to get out and do some when the rain here in the UK stops!

  5. This seems like such a peaceful place to practice your drawing meditations. Lovely

  6. I always enjoy your posts so much Terry! Beautiful line work, as usual.


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