Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Joanne Sharpe here, and i've gone "Into the Woods" with my black Pitt pen and art journal to sketch the movement and patterns of trees and nature.  I recently launched an online class called "Doodle Arts and Letters" and it's put me in the drawing and doodling groove perfect for lazy days of summer.  Well for me, mostly airline travel as i am teaching in several cities this year.  Simple black and white drawings fill many of my pages, as a pen and journal is easy and portable.
 There is not a better place for inspiration than nature with all it's grandeur and exquisite beauty.  I'm very blessed to have a "forever wild" nature preserve that borders my backyard.  When i look in the woods and see every natural element perfectly formed in unison and repetition, i am moved by the creation that we so often take for granted.
 Most of my sketching ends up having a "doodle flair".  Words that describe drawing and doodling for me are: organic, flow, repeat, pattern, movement, negative space, fill, loose, busy, overdone, line over line.....all these characteristics define my style.  What defines your drawing style? 
 It's fun to add unexpected and surprise elements into a drawing.  Here you see that i have added my signature organic doodle hearts and whimsical trees.  I love this drawing in black and white, but would love to color it when i have the uninterrupted opportunity to sit with all my markers, colored pencils and watercolors.
Look into the woods for inspiration and "see differently".  When your true authentic creative self is evolving, you know my mantra, "it doesn't matter how you look, it's how you see"!  Have fun and come doodle with me!


  1. This is soooo yummy, Joanne! I love my black Pitt pens!!

  2. It is such a wonderful blend of organic shapes and fantastical doodles -- like a fairy jungle kingdom. Really enjoyed looking!


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