Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Jane Davies

Jane Davies here.  The theme of Houses is a little stressful for me right now because I am stalled out on a house renovation, so I thought I'd address the theme of hideaways.  I would love to say that my studio is my sanctuary, my blissful hideaway where my creative juices flow unhindered and free, but the truth is that my studio is my workspace, and making art is not easy.

My "hideaway" is the mental space I enter when I am fully engaged in the art process.  This mental hideaway happens only when I can leave the realm of the rational and verbal, drop the habits of reason and logic, and emerge into that of the visual and intuitive, the realm of free association.  Some call it "being in the zone".  Getting into that zone does not happen automatically when I enter the studio; it happens by picking up my materials and getting to work.  Engaging in process is what facilitates this transition.  And then once I am in that zone, it takes continual effort to stay there.  That rational, questioning, analytical voice still shows up on a regular basis, trying to distract me or judge my work.  It is my job to stay focused on the process, and let my intuitive voice dominate.

This is very much like meditation, in which you don't simply arrive at a clear, quiet state of mind and stay there; it takes focused attention to acknowledge the thoughts that arise, and let them go, not let them carry you away.

Next time your Inner Critic shows up, acknowledge her and recognize that she is outside of your intuitive-visual-creative zone, which can be your hideaway.  She may have her say, but you are getting back to work.

Go to my blog to see images of the pieces I'm working on in the video.  I call it Big Fat Art.


  1. Great post and video! I am heading to my studio with lots of interesting thoughts and ideas.

  2. There is the voice of truth in your post.

  3. True artistic FREEDOM!! Fun, fun, fun!

  4. I just bought scribble paint and have enjoyed it. I have tried most of the the techniques as loosening up is my goal.

    I do photo realism and am way too addicted to detail. So you work is great to study. I do wish you weren't so far I'd love a RL class.

  5. I can relate to what you are saying about your studio. Often, it is a "sanctuary" for me, but just as often it is a place of struggle. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Great post!

  6. Glad to be back to see your Big Fat Art. Your videos always inspire me and I'm off to the studio.....yay!!!!

  7. ohhhh I love this! I may have to try it it looks very calming.


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