Friday, December 31, 2010


laura cater-woods writing from a snowed in little cottage. It is close to zero, we have new snow, and still falling. As I do my New Year's Eve clearing up and clearing out, I am also thinking about tomorrow and beginning the Sketchbook Challenge!
Have you visited the Flickr sketchbook pages yet?

What an exciting diversity in the approaches to sketchbooks! It is going to be great fun to see our adventure progress. Please post a photo or three from your sketchbook so we can be inspired.

For this adventure, my beginning sketchbook is a Field Notes book, 90# paper, 9.5 x 6.5", spiral bound on the side. Tools being set aside include sepia Pitt pens, micron pigma pens, mechanical pencils, a glue stick, small water color pad, gouache, and post it notes. Along the way the tool box will be added to, no doubt.
In preparation for beginning, I have been brainstorming words that have to do with "passages", my personal theme for the year. The words are waiting to be entered, the post-it notes are piling up, little bits of watercolor sketches trying to decide if they belong, or if they need to stay in 2010 . Meanwhile I am doodling windows and doors, and looking at maps, charts, grids and rock pathways.
The image shown here was made for the "ONE" fundraiser. It began with a doodle in an old visual journal...
What are you doing to mark the New Year?


  1. I love your hints and your supplies list. I am putting together lists for ideas and supplies for the Sketchbook Challenge, too. LOVE your "passages" theme!!! Happy New Year! ~Kathy

  2. That's a stunning visual. Gorgeous and evocative of pathways.

  3. I am not sure how I missed this post laura!!! You are always so inspiring and your VOICE- have a told you how much i enjoy listening to you speak??-comes thru clear and strong!!!!!
    This is a beauitful piece!!!


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