Thursday, December 9, 2010

Visual Journaling Supplies

In this video i show you which supplies i use to create my art journal pages as well as for collages and mixed media projects. I hope you enjoy it!

Anything goes really - you don't need many supplies to get started. My favourite supplies though are Micron pens, twinkling H2O's, water colour pencil crayons and mod podge. I usually begin by sketching with a pencil or mechanical pencil and then ink in my lines with Micron Pens. After i have inked in my lines i add colour - either twinkling H2O's or water colour pencil crayons. For backgrounds i like to use acrylics....but not always - it varies according to my moods :)

Posted by Violette

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  1. This should be fun! Can't wait to start! Debating whether to use one of your journal books!!!Possibly!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Violette, Very fun video. I see your inner magpie is a happy creature

  3. Violette, I see that we share a love of shiny things! Thanks for sharing your supply list. I'm looking forward to getting started.


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