Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carol Sloan's sketchbook tools

I tried to write this post a couple of times, only to start over
time after time...
I wanted to list all of my supplies that I use for sketching
but I realized that I really only need three for my basic sketchbook work.

I love, love, love Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens.
Especially the sizes XS and S.
I draw with "S" and detail with "XS".
Waterproof, acid free, lightfast, fade proof.
Perfect for me.
Check out my sketches/drawings at the Flickr site.
I used the Pitt Pens for all of these.

 I usually draw my images first and then color them.

This is my  favorite travel set of watercolors.
Remember to use your 40% off coupon from your fave art supply store for all your purchases!
Or check online for sale prices.
(Save your money for paper)

Look, I cleaned them up for class pictures!

My favorite paper is Wausau Bristol Vellum.
It is not like regular vellum. It is not transparent at all.
My friend, DJ Pettitt, turned me on to this paper
and it is just AWESOME!
You would not believe how much paint and ink this paper can take.

I usually do things one of two ways.

I either swipe a little gesso on it
then scrape or brush some color (usually acrylic, some watercolors and/or inks)
on the pages.
I teach a fantastic background painting class where we cover
all the techniques that I use for painting my pages (check it out).

You can really save yourself a lot of heartache doing things this way -
you avoid that dreaded "blank page syndrome" if you add some color to your pages first.

The other way I address my pages is to just draw on them.
Use the Pitt pens- commit to your image and work it until you like it.

NO pencils here!

Then I color with the watercolor paints above or watered down acrylic paints.
You may have to go through a lot of paper
while you learn to detail your drawings with pen and ink.
But when you get to the point that you are not afraid to show people all your bad work -
you will also have a ton of really great work to show them!

The Single Most Important thing I can say to you is
Try to draw

Oh, hey!
You can follow along with
The Sketchbook Challenge.
We are so excited about learning from each other.
Because we all continue to learn, to grow.

Grow along with us!

Follow along with Carol's blog


  1. I'm looking forward to it! I'm hoping this challenge is exactly what I need to work through some 'stuff' and get into the habit of sketching.

  2. I have that box too but I have long since replaced the paints it came with! I now use M. Graham gouache in that box. A YUMMY paint to be sure.

  3. Melly,
    This is my second set that I'm working with. I "lost" the first one at a ball park in Charleston SC...I'll have to try your gouache.

  4. I love M Graham. I think I am going to be monogamous with it! :)

  5. Very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you!

  6. I would have never thought of putting down gesso on a page where I'd use watercolor (or a pen).


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