Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Prep Work

I'm excited about the Sketchbook Challenge. At the same time I'm just a little nervous. I've always used my sketchbooks as a learning tool and a reference library. If it doesn't go down onto the pages of my ubiquitous little black sketchbook - the idea disappears out into the ether. These little black books will never go away - they are too necessary. They are a valuable part of my process.

But this is a challenge right? I'm ready to give myself a little nudge - a push - OK. Maybe a swift kick to the rear.

I don't expect to create a masterpiece - but I've been so in love with Melanie Testa's visual journals since the first time I saw them that I'm inspired to take a step in that direction this year. I'm going to play. I'm going to explore. I'm going to go a little deeper into this fabulous journey. Take a look at my first step.

How are you going to push yourself?
What is your fear? What is your goal?
Name one thing you are going to do NOW to push yourself.
The most important thing is to just start.
Or perhaps the most important thing is to give yourself permission to play.
None of us draw like Michelangelo the first time we pick up a pencil.
Guess what.
Not even Michelangelo drew like MICHELANGELO the first time he picked up a pencil.


  1. Amen! Michelangelo put a fair amount of practice in and started quite young too. One step at a time is all we can do.

  2. Beautiful prep work, Lyric. I am really looking forward to the Sketchbook Challenge. My goal? Just do it!!! Yep, I think about it, buy supplies for it, and then stop. I am going to open that door and see where it takes me. Thanks for the video and inspiration.

  3. Great idea! I don't know how well I can sketch but I bet I can do color washes and a little stamping to get started! Thanks!

  4. My goal is to just start sketching in the sketch books I carry around with me. I always bring my journals/sketchbooks to work and plan to play in them during my lunch break but other things always seem to come up. This year I plan to make myself take that time and be creative!

  5. I totally have multiple sketchbooks...for different mediums or topics... I agree that if you like something, try it out! You never know what wonderful discoveries might come out of it!

  6. I'm going to start by starting I guess. I'm working on a small collograph with multiple plates so I'm practicing in my journal. does that count?

  7. this looks like a very cool project. looking forward to 2011.

  8. If you are making a pretty sketchbook for the challenge, will we still get to see some of your work-horse doodling messy sketchbook pages too?

  9. I started today be finishing the backgrounds to my 2010 sketchbook. First I water coloured the backgrounds, added small collage pieces, stamped and glued on numbers and some words to each page. I was journaling just a few minutes ago. I worked on all my Creative cues from Three Creative Studios. I have just one to go, # 52. Whew, I worked most of the day using my super Christmas present, a torchiere lamp with 5 lights on it in my new mixed media studio ( # one son's bedroom)!!! I hope everyone in the sketchbook challenge had a very merry Christmas.

  10. Lyric, I love the backgrounds you've prepped - truly lovely.


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