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Sketchbook Profile: Diana Trout

Artist, author and teacher, Diana Trout, lives just outside of Philadelphia in Glenside, PA. She has been teaching art journaling, book arts and painting nationally and locally since  1993. Trout exhibits mixed media paintings which combine her love of color, paper, drawing, stitch and story. Paper quilting, art journaling, writing and sewing are daily activities and shared on her blog.

“My hands never want to stop! There are always multiple projects unfolding and a never ending backlog of ideas. I attribute this deep well to keeping art journals and sketchbooks. These tools keep my senses awake. Color, texture, line, pattern, and shape is everywhere (and in that order!)”

Diana’s work and writing has been published in various magazines, including Cloth Paper Scissors.
Journal Spilling: Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression, published October, 2009.
Playful Paper Backgrounds, an instructional DVD, is now available through Cloth Paper Scissors.  Read more...

Why do you keep a sketchbook and how often do you work in it?
I got into the sketchbook habit in high school and art school. I have notebooks full of little drawings and writing from 6th grade on. Journaling is an outlet for me and sketchbooks are more artwork related. I was introduced to the Art Journal movement some 8 years ago and it’s become a life habit. I do some sketching, artwork or writing everyday (just about). Not as a rule, it’s just something I do.

Do you work in just one at a time or do you have several going at once?
I have a couple (ahem, maybe it’s 3 or 4) books going at a time. One is very “journal-y”, one is a sketchbook I keep for my artwork ideas and then there is a larger one and, oh yeah!, I have a ledger book and there’s that little moleskine watercolor and the one I keep in my purse and the composition book by my bed. Basically, there is pen and paper always within arm’s reach.

What's your preferred format (sketchbook size, type of paper, single sheet,spiral bound etc?) and preferred medium for using in your sketchbook? watercolor, pen, pencil, crayon, collage, stitch...
I like many different sketchbooks for different reasons. My favorite surface to write on is the composition book with a Sarasa pen. They just flow beautifully together. It just depends on my mood, really. My favorite tools lately are Pitt markers and Derwent Inktense pencils. Magic happens.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to keep a sketchbook but doesn't know how to begin?  
Open the book and write your name and contact info in the first page. Then open to a random page in the book and do something quick such as a border, or a spill write or a drawing of your foot or something in the room. Anything! Just start interacting with that blank book.

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