Sunday, December 12, 2010

sketching supplies

After watching Violettes video on the supplies she likes to work with I thought I'd share a few of mine too...

First here's what I like to sketch/draw/write with in my books:
Left to right: Pilot Razor Point xtra fine marker, mechanical pencils, Pitt artist pen, another mechanical pencil, Zig Calligraphy marker, Zig Writer marker, Bienfang black water color brush pen, Pilot Parallel Pens in two sizes - 2.4 mm and 6.0 mm (love these pens). The Quill you see on the bottom of the photo is a very cool drawing tool I picked up just the other day in the gift shop at the Fuller Craft Museum.  It's made with a special combination of graphite and smudge resistant compounds by artist Agelio Batle and it is the coolest thing to hold in your hand and sketch with.

left to right draw with: watercolor brush, ink pen, ink pen, watercolor crayon
As you can see above different pens can give you different results when drawing the same image so it's good to experiment with all different types of drawing tools to find the ones that you like best.

I prefer to work in smaller coiled bound notebooks that I either buy or make myself:
I buy larger blank books at the art store when they're on sale and then cut the pages in half and make my own smaller books from them.

Sometimes, before I bind them I'll spend a day adding color to the pages with paint and this can really help with the "blank white page freeze" that a lot of us experience!

I have a bind-it-all machine that I use to bind my books but it's easy to make your own hand coiled wire bound books and I've written a tutorial if you're interested in create a few to work in for yourself.  You'll find it here at the top of the page.

Get all the details on the Sketchbook Challenge here.


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I really like the idea of using up other sketch book papers. I have deserted a number of sketchbook journals in the past so I think I'll bind the pages I completed (and kept) and then bind the rest separately into new journals for the sketchbook challenge!

  2. Thanks Sue. I was wondering if I needed to purchase special supplies. I think I will start with what I have here at home.

  3. I love this blog so far. I'm finding all the entries so inspiring and interesting. Thank you!


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