Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Date with my Gremlin

By Violette

I use the term “Gremlin” to describe my inner critic who at times can be rather merciless. Check out this audio clip about the monster in our heads – in my case it’s sitting on my head. Taming the gremlin by breathing and being in the moment among other helpful tools (you’ll find in the book Taming your Gremlin) can help. All the folks who visit this blog possess the gift of creativity so you have one more tool to Tame the Gremlin that zaps your energy or waylays your creative dreams. You can use any form of art to express the energy of the nasty creature that mutters negative things inside your head. You can sculpt it, make a doll, do a drawing, create an abstract mixed media piece or do a fantastic assemblage. Read more here


  1. Mine must have wings,arrows and an invisible cape- cause I can be going along fine and then ZAP! Thanks.

  2. Well you hit it right on the head!!! I just posted this fact on my blog this morning. I have started some beautiful pieces of art for the challenge and messed them up in some way. So of course I have tossed them because I get upset. I am new to all of this with no background or training in art at all, so I get frustrated that I can’t' get it the way I want it. So I am ready for round 3 today and hope to get this one right:-0 Thanks for your inspiration. Cindy

  3. What at great description of that Inner Critic! Perfect and right on point! (By the way, my first car in college was a purple AMC Gremlin, with a three speed manual transmission. I thought I was hot . . .) Chris

  4. My inner critic is a chick named Tori. You cannot even believe what crazy ideas she has! Basically ignorant, so I don't give her much credibility. Nice post!

  5. My inner critique is in league with Plastica(replacement boob,has inferiority complex) and Hippy, new hip, who refuses to go out walking when the temp is under 60 degrees.

  6. This is an amazing sketch and I love your gremlin, I have yet to put a face to my little monster, but I hear her crazy, mean words and struggle on a regular basis to ignore the negativity she spews by making myself do the project anyway. So glad I'm not alone:)

  7. Izzy - oh my gosh....your critic sounds sneaky! :0
    Cindy - i think your critic is being too hard on you! I'm glad that you are participating'll find the voice is not quite as loud as you progress!
    Chris.......too funny about your car being a gremlin - i'm sure you have fond memories of it!
    Kelli - love your attitude!
    Monica - OMG......too clever....i'm having such fun reading about the critics we have!
    Curly - thanks - i have a coloured version if you check out the day after on my blog. Hey - maybe your critic is a blob that is a mass of words? That might be fun to depict!

    Thanks everyone for the comments.
    Love, violette


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