Saturday, April 23, 2011

Branching Out with The Tree of Life

Jamie Fingal - I am drawn to the Tree of Life theme, and find it in my work, rather unexpectedly.  This art quilt was made in 2009 and depicts the seasons. 

A page from my sketchbook - drawn with a black Flair pen - I love a line drawing with fun details.  I could have colored it in, but I really like the black and white.
This began as a drawing on an ATC card while I was at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.  I decided that I wanted it to be larger, so I glued the ATC card onto a watercolor postcard and just continued with the drawing.  I used a Parker fountain pen and the blue it a Pitt pen.  After I got home, I realized how much it was like the art quilt that I made in 2009.  Funny how that happens.


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  2. I am crazy for that black and white bark. Makes me want to doodle the aspen trees in my yard. Think I will Thanks Jamie.

  3. well i love all the trees but especially the zentangle one. I think I am going to have to try one soon. I have done circles, mandala's and eggs so I think a tree is a great next step.

  4. These are wonderful. It is fun to see the finished version of the card you began in Cincinnati. The black and white tree trunks kill me.

  5. Just to clarify - the black and white drawing is not Zentangle, but just the way that I draw.


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