Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Branching Out

Because I am doing some major branching out in my personal life, I seem to be retreating a bit in my artistic life to things tried and true, comforting, and just plain fun- mixed-media painting. I've been doing a lot of it, lately!

I love this month's theme and was very inspired by Jane Davie's double oval imagery in her original post on the subject. I found myself experimenting with it, too, and enjoyed putting my own spin on it.

And because Branching Out also makes me think of Spring and new, pale buds dotting the length of tree branches, I had to play with some lovely spring colors like yellows and greens, too.

All of these sketchbook pages were created using acrylic paints, simple stamping techniques, sponges, brushes and more often than not, my fingers. I let the paint smear, mix and flow across the page as it likes. If you ever start to feel intimidated by the white pages of your sketchbooks, remember what it felt like to finger paint as a child. Pick your favorite colors and just go!

Thanks for the great theme and inspiration, Jane!


  1. Oh, these are beautiful! And they have such mystery to them. Glad you got some inspiration from those ovals. I'm going to keep using them for a while, and also experimenting with masking and layering.

  2. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who paints with her fingers:P I like thte ability to so smear and manipulate with my hands. Great pages!

  3. Wow these are great- yummy spring, with lots of depth. Thanks!


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