Friday, April 22, 2011

Diana Doodles and Jane Tangles

Jane Davies here. Want to try a little twist on a doodle exercise? One of the sketchbook exercises Sue Bleiweiss and I offered at the Sketch-In last Sunday at Ink About It, was Diana Trout's Doodle Game. I urge you to watch her video and try it! I took it in a slightly new direction in honor of this month's theme: Branching Out / Out On A Limb.

Here are a few of my results. I really got out on a limb! Purposely putting yourself Out There, not knowing how you'll get back, is good practice in going out on a limb in your art.

Here are two that I did in the Sketch-in. The one on the right is where I went out on a limb.

Here is the one I started in the video. I was totally baffled and unable to get back to where I began, so I was unable to fill the page. But I got an interesting and unexpected shape.

I added another JaneTangle to this in a darker green marker, then started playing with water soluble crayons to fill in some of the shapes.

Here is another one I did, in which I did get out on a limb, but managed to cover the page a little more.

I hope you have fun with this. Thanks for visiting the Sketchbook Challenge!


  1. Ooo! now I love that green one with the open spaces.

  2. This little exercise was just what I needed to become unstuck. Perfect


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