Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Italian Clown

Hi all, Diana here with more from my Italy sketchbook.

First up, Canio (I don't actually know his name, but he is Italian and makes a living as a clown and thus the reference to the opera Pagliaccia).

I was bombarded while traveling through Italy and so used my sketchbook in a very "sketchy" (pun) way to suck it all in.

Here is the sketchbook drawing of Canio
I drew him later after the whole train experience. Today, I roughed out another little watercolor of him. 
I like the sketchbook drawing better. It has a certain looseness that I feel was lost in this more formal drawing. I'll revisit it. Practice will help me to distill the whole Canio-ness and allow a looseness to energize my drawings. 

You can read the story of Canio and my experience on the train from Roma to Fabriano here on my blog. It was magical.

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  1. You definitely captured his eyes. Those are definitely Italian..


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