Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Experiments in My Sketchbook

Hi, Jane Davies here. I am SO much enjoying seeing how everyone is branching out and going out on a limb, interpreting this month's theme in such individual and interesting ways! I've just done a few more pages in my sketchbook where I'm out on a limb. I was experimenting with layers and cut outs, not aiming for anything in particular, but just pushing these elements around. None of these is a "piece", but rather a page, a question, a "what if?"

On this page I used a cut out of a bottle over a cut out of a modified circle; layers of acrylic paint in varying degrees of opacity, applied with brayer and brush; some painted tissue paper; a scrap from my work table paper (the paper I lay down under my work). Oh, and charcoal.

On this page I first layered some collage: scraps of book pages, handwriting, a few things like that. Then paint over cut outs; the bottle form as a silhouette; I removed some of the collage, added more. Just a playful back and forth to see what happens if...

This one is the more "composition" - like. I was experimenting with layers, and also playing with this compositional format - the abstract landscape, turned almost cruciform.

That's it. Just showing a few of my recent experimental pages.


  1. I just love the first one ! It has a poster quality- are you branching out into travel ? advertising a play ?
    a Cafe- Thanks.

  2. I love all 3... I've been meaning to layer my pages more..

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  4. Wow, I especially like the third one...even before I read that you were going for a landscape that is exactly what I thought it was....I would frame that one!:)
    Thanks for the ideas....branching out is truly going to be a stretch for me!

  5. I REALLY love the last one, it is perfect!!!

  6. These are wonderful. There is such a joyful element to your sketches.


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