Monday, April 18, 2011

sketch in at Ink About It

Jane Davies and I held a sketch-in workshop over the weekend at Ink About It and good grief did we have a great time!  We spend the day with 14 very talented students and did a series of drawing exercises, book making demos, painting demos and introduced everyone to lots of different supplies and materials to use in their sketchbooks...

Here's Jane doing a painting papers demo:

We did some white crayon bind portraits (which Jane talks about doing in an earlier sketchbook blog post here) of the person sitting across from you which was a lot of fun (I don't remember whose sketchbooks these photos are from so if they're yours, email me so I can label them)

and some students decided to do a white crayon resist drawing to the branching out theme:

We also did some Diana Trout doodle game exercises...

And of course we made time for some show and tell ...

A good time was had by all and Jane and I will be scheduling another one for sometime later this year. 

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  1. Your workshops look like so much fun! I wish I lived nearby so I could actually attend


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