Friday, June 17, 2011

Creating Pathways

I went to Spartanburg (SC) with my husband yesterday.
He was going to umpire a baseball game, I had planned on going to the local library.
Until I saw this...

This beautiful piece of equipment.
I called it a lightweight piece of heavy equipment (cause it was kinda small to be called Heavy...).

Anyway - I had to sit down and start sketching immediately upon seeing it!

Nothing like a modified contour sketch to get things going...

As I was sitting there, lost in my own little "Sketch In", I didn't realize that I was drawing my next "entry" in to this month's theme.


If you look behind the piece of equipment (what is that thing called?!), there is a new path being cut.

Evidently Spartanburg SC is joining Greenville SC in hosting (building and promoting) bike riding and walking trails.

So - I figured that my drawing is a way to illustrate a pathway.
Whether it is a link between two paths or something that actually creates that path...

The finished drawing stretches over several sheets actually.
I think I might put some color on it with watercolors and then use brads or something to make it an interactive piece of artwork.

Either way it was a lot of fun once I started.
Just remember that the real key to drawing from life is LOOKING and SEEING what you're drawing.
Not just drawing what you think you see.


  1. I became obsessed with "bobcats" like that during the cleanup after Hurricane Gustav. They come in different configurations but boy can they work! I have dozens of photos of them. I love your sketch, especially the way you added the scraps to extend your page! Very dynamic!


  2. I love the whole range of those heavy machines, also some of the heavy-duty sanitation equipment. They make me think of dinosaurs.

  3. I adore using brads and making things interactive. Sooooo fun.

    Love this sketch.

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I love that you used extra bits to get the whole thing in there. I love heavy (or "light-heavy"?) equipment like this.

  5. Wow! Brads! I love that idea and hope you'll post a pic when and if you make it moveable! Fun idea.
    Tina in San Diego

  6. Thanks guys! I'll try to remember to share a pic when I finish the whole thing!

  7. What a great sketch, and detailed. Also really like the interactive part with the add ons! A good feed of inspiration here, thanks:)

  8. I'm pretty sure it's called a track hoe. A back hoe has wheels instead of tracks. This one is a baby version. Love the sketch!

  9. a track hoe...not a baby back hoe.
    Thanks Zoe!