Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach Drawing

Hi all, Diana here, reporting in from my two week beach vacation ... 
The beach is all about pattern, light and texture (let's not forget the swimming, walking and Rum Runners). The color is so subtle and understated. It is definitely a stretch for me to have it stripped down to just these elements. I brought a big pile o'books with me on vacation and here are a few that I'm reading or re-reading or just dipping into for inspiration.

Gwen Diehn's Decorated Journal
Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab
Make Your Mark, Margaret Peot
Hand Job, A Catalog of Type; Mike Perry

The latest issue of Surface Design magazine is all about lace and that ties in nicely with the pattern/texture theme here.

I spent some time last night going through Surface Design and doodling. This is such fun: sitting down with your sketchbook/journal and just looking and reacting. One of my absolute favorite lazy day activities. Try it in your hammock :)


  1. Great drawings! Enjoy your time at the beach.

  2. It all sounds lovely; I don't know what a 'rum runner' is but I would be prepared to give it a go.The hand made type book is on my wish list.