Friday, July 15, 2011

Coffee shop Journal

coffee shop journal

Jane LaFazio here. This is my completed coffee shop journal. Each time my husband I and went out to coffee, I took it with me and sketched. I used a water soluble Tombow pen and my Niji Waterbrush. If I had time, I added some watercolor to the images. The accordion fold journal is small, and fits in my purse.


  1. I just learned about this challenge and am excited to participate! So glad folks can jump in anytime...what a fantastic reason to purposefully sketch on a regular basis (and get back into that great habit too). Thanks for creating this opportunity for artists!

  2. I always admire people who have the nerve to sketch in public without a group; I find my husband's presence to be completely intimidating! So well done you.

  3. Thanks to you, I have a bazillion sketches of salt and pepper shakers, tea cups, and table settings. It has been a hoot, doing them and then looking at them later...great memory joggers! Loved your online classes and hope to meet you in Chicago!