Friday, July 8, 2011

Elements of drawing

The title should probably read "Elements of Carol's Drawings".
I love to draw detailed little things in my small Moleskine journal. I stick it in my purse so that I can pull it out every chance I get to draw for a few seconds or minutes.
I do think that is one of the keys to drawing well- using every opportunity that you have to make a few marks.
You would be surprised at what you can get done this way!
And if you keep at it (drawing frequently) you will improve by default.

This is a scan of one of my two-page spreads.

This is pretty much the way that I begin these drawings.
I get an idea or I see a flower or some shape that I like so I jot down a very plain line drawing to work on later. If I don't jot it down then, I'll never remember the shape.
If you'll look on the left hand page, you'll see that I have started adding the tiny details on a couple of the flower pods (or whatever they are).
As I get a bit of time, I'll turn back to these pages and add more details.
I am adding lines, shading and all the luscious details to my pint sized drawings.

The lines that I make comprise the basic elements of art.

If you look closely at the quick drawings on the pages above, you will see that they are very, very simple.
Very elementary and easy-peasy to draw.

You could draw one or two of them in your sketchbook.
No one would have to see it unless you wanted them to.

We could draw these shapes together this month.

I'll post updates on my pages as I go.

Check this post to see one of the ways that I detail my drawings.

Won't you try your hand at it?


  1. I love these drawings and how you start with a realistic structure and then add details, pattern and whimsy. I'm gonna try this!

  2. I need to be more courageous with a little notebook when I'm out and about. I get it out then I get overwhelmed with the blank page, and what if people see me. I never seem to be able to narrow down what to draw either...I guess I still have quite a way to go.