Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Fabric Rings from your Sketchbook Tutorial and Giveaway!

This week I've been exploring another way to use my sketchbook drawings and doodles in order to expose them to the light of day. I've posted a quickie tutorial on making some FUN FABRIC RINGS and PENDANTS out of your own art over on my blog, just for readers of the Sketchbook Challenge. You inspire me every day!

 This colorful button bling is made with a half ball button cover kit from the fabric store, inkjet fabric sheets and jewelry findings from the craft store. Start with some drawings from your sketchbook. Simple designs work best, but any of your sketchbook pages can be turned into jewelry. You'll be resizing the image to fit a button top, so keep in mind that the visible area will be pretty small. Here are my original images, which I've scanned and digitally manipulated. But scanning or taking a digital photo is fine--you don't have to add anything to your image before printing it.

I'm going to give my jewelry away to three lucky winners that I'll draw randomly, so be sure to pop over to the full tutorial and comment by July 23 for a chance to win rings and pendants. Whatever kind of art you create in your sketchbook, you can adapt it to a ring, pin or pendant in just a few easy steps. It's a great way to get your sketches out into the light of day and share them with friends and the world in general. Imagine sporting a ring featuring something you've drawn yourself. Doodles, paintings and collages can also be transformed into button jewelry, but you may want to make something special for this project.
Full instructions are posted on the link above. Happy Creating! Kelli


  1. okay seriously, these are too much fun! What a great idea!

  2. I just adore all the bright colors that you use! Your drawings are so much fun Kelli!