Thursday, July 14, 2011

What The Sketchbook Challenge has meant to us

When I was first invited by Sue Bleiweiss to join The Sketchbook Challenge I was a bit wary.  I’m not big on joining groups, and was a little doubtful as to my ability to make this year-plus commitment.  However, I’d begun an almost-regular drawing practice and thought the Challenge may help to keep me motivated.  It has done SO MUCH MORE than that!  With this fabulous group of creative, hard-working artists I have found peers with which to share ideas and information (the generosity of the group has absolutely blown me away!), and I think we also function as a sounding board for each other for new ideas.  It’s amazing how much momentum can be generated, how an idea can spark and then run wild, with this group.  Personally, it has been great to get to know these individual artists, be inspired by their work, and learn from their experiences and insights.
The other major benefit of being part of this group has been seeing the amazing outpouring of creativity coming from our readers!  I am in awe of the work that shows up on the Flickr site.
Jane Davies - April - Branching Out

Radio interview will be on December 4th on Artistically Speaking

The Sketchbook Challenge has been part whirlwind, part a subtle reminder to draw daily, and a whole lot of mixing with very talented and motivated women. The group is so diverse in its offerings, but there is a string that binds all of us involved in this effort, and that is generosity. From the donors to the drawing damsels, everyone is there at the beck and call of the rest of us to coordinate, plan, aid and offer the best free tutorials I have ever seen on the internet. What is the catch you wonder? So do I.

Okay, here is one downside. Some of these women make me look bad. They post constantly with beautiful tutorials, tidbits of wisdom and links for more. They could slow down a bit so the rest of us don’t look like slackers, but then, that is selfish of me and not what this blog is all about. My posts are fairly regular, and I do try to share what folks tell me they want to learn from me, but it enough? The bar is set high with this group!

- Jill K. Berry - January - Highly Prized

Radio interview was on March 6th on Artistically Speaking
What has The Sketchbook Challenge meant to you?

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