Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everyday Backgrounds

Hi, Carol Sloan here again.
I teach a fun class about painting backgrounds - whether it's for a page in your art journal or on a canvas for the wall.
I've started a new batch of pages for some handmade books that I will be selling soon and I thought I'd give you a peek at one of the ways that I begin to paint a page.

1. Randomly smear gesso on a piece of heavier paper. Don't worry about covering every inch of the page. The areas without the gesso will add great interest later on.
2. Using everyday objects as your stencils, spray/spritz watered down acrylic paint over the area. In the photo, I use a plastic doily, a piece of scrapbook paper, a hand cut bird and a Tim Holtz mask as my stencil. Move the stencils (& masks) randomly over the page. Acrylic ink, dyes and watercolor paints in spritzers & sprayers will work just as well.

Here's a peek at the first layer of my new pages.
I did use a Pitt Artist Pen to scratch an outline around some of the shapes.
Think waterproof with the pen that you use for this...I will continue to add layers over the top of this and (at this point) am unsure of what will be next. I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit me again...

Remember to upload your photos to the Flickr site (instructions here) so you will be in the drawing for the awesome prizes this month!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everyday and Necessary!

One of my favorite everyday objects...the common pair of scissors. What a genius invention! When you need them, you really need them and nothing else will do. I've done what I love to do with my sketchbook images. This drawing was collaged and stitched together with some other drawings, then converted to a fabric print. In this instance I had a thermofax screen made from the original, then screen printed my scissors onto various fabrics. I do believe I'll take this same image and make a rubber stamp. I'll certainly let you see how that comes out! Remember how versatile your drawings can be. A testament to everyday art and everyday objects. Kelli

Monday, August 29, 2011

Table Objects

Susan R Sorrell-
Since I have been on the road this summer, it seems I have been sitting down to eat at different tables. Restaurants and families always have objects sitting around and it makes for an easy still life to draw. I am still working on my contour line drawings and love to explore contour lines in my embroidery. 


I enjoy overlapping my objects and drawing them in different scales of size. It really makes for a more interesting drawing.

Maybe in the next few months I will add color to my drawings, but right now I am satisfied with the black and white of my sketch.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whimsical Mark Making

Carol Sloan here...
I have been remiss in posting on this lovely blog this month!
Jane has offered up this wonderful theme ("Everyday Objects"), that should have had me jumping up and down for joy (since I draw everyday objects so often) but I (like so many of us here) have been so busy preparing for, teaching workshops and recuperating from the prep and teaching of said workshops that I am pooped.
I have been ignoring so many things that I should not be ignoring...
this blog.
My personal blog.
Making new artwork for the upcoming First Friday art crawl in Greenville SC.
Oh so many things to do.
But I'll show you a peek of what I did do.
I taught two wonderful workshops at "Textile Evolution" in Colorado Springs last week.
Tex Evo is the brain child of Liz Kettle- teacher, writer and artist extraordinaire.

I taught a two day book making class that everyone loved!
The folks that didn't take the class saw the books that the ladies made while in the class...and now they all want to take the class!
They made some awesome books! I love how they plow right through their doubts and work so hard in those two days to create a treasure.

The "Whimsical Mark Making" class is what I really wanted to talk about.
Most of the 9 ladies in this class said that they "couldn't draw" at the beginning of class.
I asked them.
They didn't want to believe me when I told them that they could draw.
But they also plowed right through - laughing at the silly things I asked them to do.
I was a strict teacher and didn't allow them to draw with a pencil!

Straight to paper with a pen...

I would say that around lunchtime these ladies were beginning to shock themselves...
I gave them a few tips, some guidelines, explained the paints, gels and pens at their disposal and turned them loose.
They were drawing a variety of things - some everyday objects, some totally from their imagination, some from source books that helped them along.

And the thing that I loved was how quiet they got as they began to believe that maybe they could draw...
then the excitement as these beautiful, whimsical images began to flow from their pens...

right from their pens!

I'll show a few photos of what they were doing.
These drawings are from women that believed their entire lives that
they could not draw.

Their entire lives (so far) spent not drawing.

Not even really trying because they had been told/believed/were not the creative one in the family/husband told them they needed to quit tracing or copying/and so on and so forth.

These women are drawing the most beautiful, whimsical, heartfelt images.
Straight to paper with a pen!

Take a local drawing class, check my schedule for one or watch for my online Mark Making class that will take the future.

Until then?
Practice making marks.
Every single day.

Here's that peek -

 Click on these photos to see the detail!

I do wish that we could have put together a small journal for these pages...
Wouldn't that be awesome to have a hand drawn journal?

I'm listing a new local class soon - in Greenville SC.
Go to my blog and sign up for my newsletter so you can get all the details of my classes - whether local, online or across the country.
I'll also advertise sales on original artwork, prints and handmade books.

Keep on making marks!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Everyday Objects Collage

Jane Davies here. I've taken a bit of a hiatus from posting on The Sketchbook Challenge this summer due to an overload of other obligations, but I have been checking in frequently and LOVE the posts that have gone up! Everyday Objects has been a real challenge! But I finally found a way in: making collages from everyday objects - in this case, junk mail and discarded paperbacks. I'd gotten stuck on the idea of drawing objects, and that just hasn't been my mode this summer. These were inspired by Melinda Tidwell and Kurt Nimmo, both of whom I found on Flickr. They both make beautiful and concise use of found text from paperbacks and magazines.

"Cultural Literacy"

"Cultural Literacy 2"

"The Shape You're In"

These are all 8"x8" on paper. Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Feathers are everyday objects right? OK. We're good. Diana here with a confession. I'm not much of an everyday object sketcher. I start and then it takes me elsewhere. The shape appeals to me and the pen just starts to move with a life of its own. Attention span of a hamster, perhaps?

One recent evening ...
Feather sketches 1Doodling takes me
Feather Sketch 2
by surprise sometimes.Feather Sketch 3
And that is fine by me. I've just finished a 7 day Mini-Class on Watercolors (free!). So check it out here.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

A (not so) Everyday Object

Leslie here.  I received a rather unusual, beautiful object during the last holiday season from my daughter:  a beautiful shell.  My children know what sorts of things I love to stare at, so this has become one of my "everyday" objects in the studio.  I love to surround myself with wonderful and interesting objects.  In this case I have chosen to draw the object on cloth rather than paper.  To be honest, I found this quite daunting, especially because I was using thinned black acrylic paint and a ruling pen.
here is an example of a simple ruling pen

If you decide to try this I recommend using very high thread count cloth, something that I (ahem) learned the hard way.  A typical course of action for me, sad to say.  I taped my square of cloth to the work surface to prevent shifting, and found that holding the pen in a consistent angle to the cloth gave me better control over my marks.
Incidentally, I have a new website!  Please stop by and take a peek, and leave a comment on my blog if you have time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyday Objects ~ from the bathroom

everyday objects ~ from the bathroom
Jane LaFazio here. Continuing with the theme of everyday objects.
everyday objects ~ from the bathroom

everyday objects ~ from the bathroom

everyday objects ~ from the bathroom
Are you convinced? Just draw anything!
everyday objects ~ from the bathroom

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watercolor Primer

Hi all, Diana here. Just letting you all know about a week long free mini-class over on my blog. Click here for the first post (which was Monday) and then work back (or just go on over the my blog and work your way back). Loads of great information. Today's post is a bunch of videos from the past on Watercolors.

Also here on my blog, there is a list of excellent giveaways sponsored by the ArtSparks (and we are too darn hot!). Books, Magazines and DVD's plus some special giveaways from some of the artists. Lyric Kinard's giveaway is today! Go here to leave a comment for my giveaway (above).
xo Diana

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Every Day Objects and My "Baby"

This is part of a coffee cup.

This is part of my computer cord.

Hello! Carla Sonheim here!

This month's challenge has been a challenge! I don't often draw OBJECTS from life, and I thank Jane for giving us this little push. (When I draw from life I usually draw faces or people!)

The above two drawings are quite small... like one inch by 1.5 inches... and were made while trying to write a journal entry. (I edited out the words so as not to bore you to tears; my journal entries read thusly: "I don't really have a thing to write about. Write write write? About what?" Direct quote. I'm serious.)

Here's another:
Hey! I use it EVERY DAY!!!!

And here's what I just LOVE to work on in my sketchbooks: Blobimals! (Animals created from random "blobs.")


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

book of everyday objects

For this months theme I wanted to create a book of some of the everyday objects that I encounter throughout my day.  Rather than use pencil, pen or paint for my sketches I decided to use another everyday object from my studio: fabric.

First I added a watercolor wash to a few pieces of watercolor paper and then cut them to measure 6"x12".  

Then I dumped out my fabric scrap pile (all of which has been prefused with Mistyfuse of course) and started cutting and fusing.  Here's a look at the inside of my everyday objects book:

Each day starts out with a cup (or two or three) of coffee.  Then it's into the studio where I might find myself sitting at the sewing machine trying to decide what thread to use.

or maybe I'll decided to work with my watercolors...

There's always a walk to the mailbox at some point during the day to collect the mail...

and I always stop and walk through the garden on the way back from collecting the mail...