Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge EZINE!

Stop the presses!  The first Sketchbook Challenge E-zine is now available for purchase!

The Sketchbook Challenge E-zine is 83 full color pages of creativity, inspiration and projects!

What you’ll find inside...
Learn how to draw a pinecone with Jane LaFazio
Exploring Text Collage with Kelli Nina Perkins
Make a Scrappy House Quilt with Jamie Fingal
Working in series by Jane Davies
Make bad art with Lyric Kinard and become a better artist
Sue Bleiweiss shows you how to make a sketchbook sleeve
Carol Sloan shares her remedies for blank pages
Take 5! with Carla Sonheim
Screenprinting for the Mixed Media Artist by Leslie Tucker-Jenison
Take your sketchbook out to eat with Susan Sorrell
Stacked Journaling with Judi Hurwitt
Learn how to use your inner GPS to create journal pages with Violette
Learn a trio of pamphlet binding stitches from Diana Trout

Important information regarding printing this document for binding:This e-zine has been formatted for on screen viewing. If you want to print a copy to have bound then you must scale the document to 90% to allow for a wide enough left side margin. In the print box, select the scale option and change it to 90%. Please print a test page first (we recommend page 5) to make sure that the setting is appropriate for your printer before printing the entire document.

Want to read the zine on your IPAD or Android Tablet?
In order to get it onto your IPAD you'll need to save it to your computer first and then use an online transfer vehicle such as Upload the zine to your dropbox account and then go to your Ipad and search the app store for the dropbox app.  Install that on your Ipad.
Open the dropbox app, log in and you'll see your dropbox files.  Download the zine to your Ipad.  Since it's an adobe document you'll need to have some sort of pdf reader app installed. Ibooks works great for this. 

For Android devices, simply follow the link to purchase and download your zine. On Android, files do not launch automatically, so you'll have to go find the file. To launch and access pdf files, search the Android market for a file manager app like Astro. Download the Astro or other app and use it find the files stored on your device's memory or storage card. After downloading the SC Zine, open Astro and navigate to the "downloads" folder. Locate the file sczine_final.pdf and click on it and it will offer reader options based on your own device (eg. Adobe Reader, Aldiko, LumiRead, PDF to Go, etc.). Any of your installed readers should work. Enjoy! 

The Sketchbook Challenge E-zine is in pdf format and include step-by-step instructions and full-color photo illustrations. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to be able to open the lessons. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software that you can download from the Adobe Website here.

Post a review of the sketchbook challenge e-zine on your blog or website and we'll enter your name into a drawing to win a piece of mail art from one or more of the Sketchbook Challenge artists!  Send a link to your published review by 12/1/11  to sue at to be entered into the drawing.  Winners will be announced in December - good luck!


  1. Well hey...I'll be the first to say, "I'm buying a copy". Mainly because I loved and appreciated Sue Bleiweiss's "Fibre and Stitch" while it was in 'production' and then Kellie Nina Perkins inspires me with everthing she does! Thanks Girls!

  2. Awwwwwww, that's so sweet! Sue did a great job putting this together and I read every article voraciously. It's good stuff!

  3. I look forward to getting my copy -- I really enjoy all the different ideas and perspectives --

    I'm also writing to let you know I'm passing on the "Versatile Blogger" award to you on my latest post -- if you don't do awards, at least know I'm honoring you and have linked to you on my blog :)

  4. Linda what's actually missing is a "." at the end of the sentence on page 48. Thanks for catching that and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the zine!


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